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Q: Do you have anything in stock?
A: For the most popular items (Hornets, Cicadas, Butterflies) usually yes! Occasionally there is a wait on supplies to construct items. Orders will usually ship within 1 to 2 weeks.

Q: If I order overseas, do I have to pay an additional $15 shipping charge for each item?
A: No, there is a one-time $15 shipping and handling fee on all overseas orders which you can add to your cart at the top of each product page. In other words, no matter how many items you order, there is only always a $15 fee per order. There is a lot of paperwork involved in shipping overseas due to current issues involving Homeland Security and overseas tariffs, and I have to do all this paperwork by hand..

Q: When can I expect my stuff?
A: As Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective says, "A life burdened with expectations is a heavy life indeed." Usually items will ship within a week of receiving the order, but sometimes, depending on supply and demand, it can take up to two weeks or longer. Remember, each of these items are HAND MADE and represent hours of work. The one thing you can count on: You WILL get your order, so be patient.

Q: I didn't get a confirmation from you that you received my order. Did you?
A: If you received a confirmation from PayPal, then I received your order. I receive between twenty and thirty orders a week. I can't respond to all these orders by sending out personalized confirmations.

Q: What dealers carry your stock?
A: None. I will never mass-produce my impression devices or performing material. I try to keep my stuff as underground as possible.

Q: Can I get a rush order?
A: No. If you need something for a specific show, order at least two months in advance.

Q: My DVDs or Books did not arrive with my order. How come?
A: DVD production has been farmed out to an online distributor in Nevada who will ship the DVDs to you. The same applies to my COMPLETE WORKS harbound collection. I do not handle them directly nor do I have any in stock. Therefore, impression devices, The Complete Works books, and DVDs are mailed out separately.

Q: Your pads are American, and I live in some other foreign country. Will your pads pass by the scrutiny of my skeptical audiences, and can I get refills from you?
A: I can retrofit my gimmick into ANY pad. The simplest way to make sure your pad is accepted by your audience and to ensure you can readily obtain refills is to send me a couple of your local notepads and I will gimmick them. Furthermore, the Papillion is made with Rhodia pads, a Euro brand.

Q: Do I require special writing implements?
A: No, anything that makes a mark on paper will make an impression on my devices. (In other words, I don't use magnetic detection film in any of my devices).

Q: I'm really angry, impatient, and think the sun rises and sets in my pants. I can't wait to give you my opinions on how you should run your business. Where can I e-mail you so I can straighten you out?
A: Don't please. Making these products is a sideline and not my main business. If you have concerns, courtesy will get you farther than trying to intimidate me (which isn't possible). I will tell you that a couple of "big names" have been rude to me and tried to use their status to impress me. It didn't work. All they got was a place of honor on my Black List.