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Replacement Magic Slates

***New information regarding extending the life of your impression devices!***

It's come to my attention over the years that many people have experienced a decline in quality of the impression over time. There are various reasons for this, mainly I think the accumulation of finger oils and dust on the gray film of the impression material. So what I've decided is to offer a refurbishing service for all my products. Basically, for $15 I'll send you a replacement Magic Slate for any of my Imp devices. If you're technically challenged I'll even replace it for you if you'll pay me to do so. Contact me for details.

Replacement Magic Slate $15

Matching Ungimmicked Duplicates

I do make ungimmicked duplicates which are basically duplicates of the clipboards minus the impression capabilities. This means, in the case of the clipboards, the hardware is an exact match too. So I drill out the original rivets and replace them with the ones I use for the hornet. I also have to stain these boards, just as I have to do the gimicked ones. Why? Well, the vageries of manufacturers made it necessary.

I changed the color of my gimmicking to match the new boards, and the mentalist world howled in outrage at the new, "pink" boards. Mentalists are by nature a macho bunch, preferring black leather props, black suits, dark woods, etc, and even though these boards were beige, not pink, I guess they were close enough to trigger the aversion response. This meant I have to stain them, which I do to this very day. Front and back. Now my boards, both gimmicked and UN, are dark and brooding.

Ungimmicked Brown Hornet $20

The Life and Times of John Riggs

FREE DOWNLOAD: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JOHN RIGGS. It's just a collection of various blogs and postings I've made over the years but it's kinda funny in places. Plus it's free.

Professional Tools

The Carlyle Touch! E. Raymond Carlyle's professional catalogue - a MUST HAVE for professional mentalists! Click to visit.